Stay Away From Heat!

A few years ago, I found an amazing salon where they actually knew how to deal with my wild hair. And for what I normally got done, they only charged $25 for it! A blow out and sometimes curls with the flat iron.


The salon was close by to where I lived at the time. So not only was it convenient to have straight smooth hair, but it was way to easy to get to the place.

Thirsty Hair

when my hair is so perfectly straightened, of course, I don’t put any product in it. Which means no moisturizer for my hair that has just been through heat torture. And since I was blowing it out so often, it was often without any kind of moisturizer.

Thinning and Damage

Before I knew it, my hair was so thin my hair tie could be tied around it about 6 or 7 times. My hair was about an inch of curls and the rest was straight it looked gross. I had no choice.

Big Chop

I had to cut it. When I finally decided that it was time to let go, I went ahead and cut my hair up to my ears and then evened it out. It was brand new for me and I had to learn how to maintain short hair, which was difficult because I’ve only ever had long hair. Every short style looked weird on me. I did NOT like it and I learned my lesson.

Don’t Get Comfortable

If you have curls like mine, or even waves, you might have some frizz. So having your hair straight and smooth and super easy to manage, can be addictive. But natural curls can be tamed with the right styles and products.

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