How A Raw Vegan Diet Can Help Your Hair Grow

Vegan Diet and Hair Growth

I have never been vegan; the only time I had some vegetables in y meal was when they were served with bbq steaks and French fries. But my family is mostly vegans and vegetarians, so I am no stranger to the lifestyle.


Veganism or plant-based diets have been around for centuries but recently they have gained popularity among the general public cause of its many benefits. It can be great for the body if done properly; not only it cleanses your system, it can improve your skin, nails, and of course, hair.


“The healthiest diet for your hair is the healthiest diet in general—one that is based on real, whole foods and [is] mostly plant-based.” — Maria Marlowe, nutritionist


People often worry about hair growth when they decide to start a vegan diet. Basically, proteins are the building blocks for hair growth, but they also need lots of vitamins and minerals. Fresh vegetables and fruit are rich with these nutrients which aid in hair development.

For me personally, when I decided to change this lifestyle of ordering in and eating out, it meant cooking at home. But it’s not easy to stay motivated when you have to go on the internet and search for hours to prepare your every single meal.


Getting a cookbook is a great way to stay on track. I got lucky when I got my hands on ‘Kristen Suzanne’s Easy Raw Recipe Ebooks’. You can check this cookbook out here:


Introduction To Raw Food For Beginners- Tips For Adopting The Vegan Raw Food Lifestyle


It is important to have the right guidance when beginning a raw vegan diet, such as a cookbook. If you are not getting the proper nutrients from your raw diet, you may see some hair loss which is to be expected if you don’t give your body and your hair the nutrients it needs.


Through this book, I got to learn about all the nutrition facts about what I am eating and endless amazing meal ideas. So cookbooks, are always great to have around.


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