Hair Vitamin Treat!

I was scrolling through my timeline and an ad for hot cocoa came up. It was cocoa that promised to make your hair grow in thick. It seemed like a pretty cool idea to enjoy a drink AND have it make your hair grow long. Then I saw the price. No, thank you.

Still wanted it

In my opinion the price was outrageous for some hot cocoa, but the idea that it could be so simple as to just drink something that you enjoy and see results, was not easy to forget. So I decided to make my own! I looked up their ingredient list and to the best of my ability, I tracked down every essential ingredient on the list.

I went out and bought some hot chocolate. (I prefer Nestle!) Then I ordered a decent pill crusher online.

I crush up:

  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Folic Acid
  • Hair, Skin, and Nails Pills

I usually store the finished product in a deep contain and drink a cup or two a day, but no more than that. Another tool to use to make this process smoother, is a strainer. It is unlikely that you will get every pill down to a fine powder unless you have some state-of-the-art pill crusher. A strainer ensures that no clumps get into your mix.

Watch Your Dosage

We all love vitamins because of how good for you they are. And we definitely love those vitamins that make our hair grow!

You can check the back of the bottles to see how many of each hair growth pill you are supposed to take a day, and crush up enough long hair pills for however many days of hot chocolate that you measure out. I measure out how much of the hot chocolate goes into one cup and I use that measurement spoon every time I need to make one cup.

Faster Absorbtion

Big lumpy clumps are harder on your stomach than a fine powder. Crushing it down to that state makes it much easier for the body to absorb those nutrients into your system. Most of the time when a whole pill is ingested, it passes through the system and is digested before the vitamins are absorbed into the bloodstream. Kinda useless right?


I saved a ton of money by making this product myself, and whenever I drink a cup, a few days in a row, I see significant growth in my nails and my skin glows.

Hair growth is a little bit harder to tell in such a short time, but I could deduct that if it is making my nails grow and my skin look flawless. In the 6 months that Ive been drinking my home made hair growth remedy, my hair has seen considerable growth.

The ingredients can be found here:

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