Cocoa Hair Vitamin Treat

Cocoa-vitamin Treat for Healthy Hair

One fine day as I was scrolling through my timeline, an ad for hot cocoa caught my eye. It was some magical cocoa that promised to make my hair grow into thick, long, and strong tresses. It seemed like a pretty cool idea to enjoy a drink AND transforms unruly frizz into smooth, silky ringlets.

Then I saw the price.

AH! No, thank you.

But I still wanted it, then again who doesn’t want hot cocoa with a side serving of pretty hair.

Anyways, in my opinion, the price was outrageous for some hot cocoa, but the idea that a simple drink could do that was not easy to forget.

So, I decided to make my own!

I looked up their ingredients and to the best of my ability; I tracked down every essential ingredient on the list. I went out and bought some hot chocolate too. (I prefer Nestle!) and a decent pill crusher online.

Pill Crusher

I bought these ingredients and crushed them into a fine powder:



Vitamin B6:

Folic Acid:

Hair, Skin, and Nail pills:

Big chunky pills are hard on your stomach than a fine powder. Crushing it down makes it much faster and easier for the body to absorb those nutrients into your system. My state-of-the-art pill crusher and a good old strainer ensured that no clumps got into the mix.

Generally, I store the finished product in an air-tight container and drink a cup or two a day, but no more than that.

Don’t over Do it

Anything in excess is never good for the health so make sure you don’t overdose on it.


You can save a ton of money if you put a little effort and time to make something that is easy and healthy for you.  I saved a ton of money by making this product myself, and whenever I drink a cup, a few days in a row, I see significant growth in my nails and my skin glows.

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